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Ikat Platter Large Matt Finish

Rs. 8,160.00

Carefully handcrafted, this Ikat Platter, Matt Finish - Large represents the traditional wisdom of the craft of Odisha that reinvents age-old designs to suit your luxurious lifestyle. Make a style statement with this platter that merges stainless purity with the divinity of weaving. Adorned with a matt finish, this platter delights anyone who is a style connoisseur and makes for a perfect gift for someone with a unique sense of style. The fine etchings on ultra-chic stainless steel make this platter all the more meaningful and help you discover its magic.

SKU : APL-13031-AN

Contains: 1 large Platter

Shipping in India 2-4 days
International shipping 2-4 weeks

  • The Ikat Matt finish platter Large is made of stainless steel, making it durable and perfect for special occasions or routine servings.
  • The elegant design of the tray will add sophistication to your home while also providing a stronger surface and increased durability.

34.5 x 34.5 x 2.3

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