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Etching Pooja Thali

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This Etching Pooja Thali is uniquely designed with a breath-taking etching design. This large-sized thali comes along with 1 hand bell, 1 agarbatti stand, 2 small katoris, 1 diya stand and 1 kalash to store water. All the pieces are crafted from fine quality stainless steel.

Product Dimension
Pooja Thali: L:20.9 X W:20.9 X H:1.19
Agarbatti Stand: L:5.62 X W:5.62 X H:2.14
Pooja Ghanti: L:5.23 X W:5.23 X H:10
Diya: L:5.71 X W:5.46 X H:2.05
Roli Katori: L:5.38 X W:5.28 X H:2.35
Kalash: L:5.03 X W:4.62 X H:5.36

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SKU : FT-1031-LN

Contains: 1 Pooja Thali, 1 Agarbatti stand, 1 Pooja ghanti, 1 Diya, 1 Roli katori, 1 Chandan katori, 1 Glass

Shipping in India 2-4 days
International shipping 2-4 weeks

  • Thali Size is big enough to hold its accessories comfortably.
  • Intricate artwork is done on the thali that completely stands out.
  • It comes with a very appealing design.
  • Stainless Steel: Dishwasher Safe. Hand wash No steel scrub to be used for cleaning

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