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Dome Cup & Saucer | Set of 2

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Rs. 1,635

Make a striking impression on your guests by serving them their favourite beverage in this stylish Dome Cup and Saucer Set.

Product Dimension
Cup: L:9.45 X W:6.91 X H:5.70
Saucer: L:11.92 X W:11.92 X H:13

SKU : SC-6131-N

Contains: 2 Dome Cups And 2 Saucer

Shipping in India 2-4 days
International shipping 2-4 weeks

  • Invest in quality and timeless elegance with this beautiful tea cup, artfully formed from Stainless Steel.
  • Expertly crafted, the unwavering appeal of traditional craftsmanship shines through.
  • The tranquil design will definitely make you want to sip your favourite brew.

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