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Criss Cross Platter


Part of the Origami Collection, this platter is perfect for a casual&nbsp;serving or an elegant home brunch with friends and family.<br>
<b>Large 300x300, Medium 225x225</b>

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SKU : ANPL-10531-N

• The collection is inspired by the old origami technique
• A perfect partner for your sweets and savories.
• The Platter is ideal to serve dry dishes like sandwiches, cookies, and more.

Contains: Criss Cross Platter

Large 300x300, Medium 225x225

Size(LxbxH):29 X 29 X 3.6

2-year product warranty

30-day returns

100% Recyclable Green Metal

Normal Hand Wash

Healhty and Hygienic

100% Stainless steel