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by Fast Bundle

Bear Hug Duo - Coffee Mug & Serving Tray

Rs. 3,180.00

SKU : 9a647dd5-4839-42f4-bf53-8f9a2dee1d22

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Indulge in a warm and comforting cup of coffee with the Bear Hug Coffee & Serving Set. This set features a charming Bear Hug glass and stainless steel coffee mug and a stylish Padma Shvet serving tray. The mug is made of durable glass and stainless steel for long-lasting use. The Padma Shvet tray is perfect for serving food, drinks, or as a decorative accent. Whether you're enjoying a solo coffee break or entertaining guests, this set is sure to bring a touch of charm to your experience.


2-year product warranty

30-day returns

100% Recyclable Green Metal

Normal Hand Wash

Healhty and Hygienic

100% Stainless steel