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Aladdin Cups Set Of 2

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A phenomenal blend of stainless steel and ceramic, the Aladdin set of tea cups will be the highlight of your high-tea set-up offering impeccable artistry inspired by Middle Eastern crafts.

SKU : AMH-12631-N

1. Made from stainless steel and ceramic.
2. The Aladdin set of tea cups will embrace your evening with an enchanting twist combined with excellent artisanship.
3. A long-lasting addition to your tableware.
4. Reflects sustainability in make.
5. Healthy and hygienic.

Size(LxbxH):7.2 X 10 X 6.8

2-year product warranty

30-day returns

100% Recyclable Green Metal

Normal Hand Wash

Healhty and Hygienic

100% Stainless steel