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Welcome to Arttd’inox

At Arttd’inox, we believe that craftsmanship, sustainability, and luxury can coexist harmoniously. Our inspiration comes from the rich crafts, traditions, and cultural heritage of India, which still thrive in the hands of our skilled artisans. Founded by Ms. Deepika Jindal, Arttd’inox aims to elevate stainless steel artistry in Indian home lifestyles, making every space both beautiful and functional.

Our Ethos

As John DeMarco once said, “Art is a language meant to speak the things that can’t be said.” At Arttd’inox, we see art as more than just creative expression. It’s a way to reflect emotions, inspire growth, and transform spaces. Our products combine global decor trends with high-quality stainless steel, blending traditional elegance with modern flair to create timeless home lifestyle pieces.

Our Philosophy

At Arttd’inox, we love the timeless charm of traditional aesthetics, but we’re also inspired by the freedom of modern design. Our brand represents “Art in Stainless Steel,” transforming everyday objects into pieces of abstract art. We highlight fine craftsmanship and detail, always ensuring our true artisans receive the recognition they deserve. Proudly supporting the “Make in India” movement, we promote and elevate our artisans and their craft on a global stage.

Our Legacy

Ms. Deepika Jindal, blessed with an innate sense of aesthetics, founded Arttd’inox to marry fine design with classic home decor. As part of the JSL, we’re dedicated to bringing the best of stainless steel craftsmanship to both Indian and international markets. Inspired by the diverse applications of stainless steel seen globally, Ms. Deepika envisioned a brand that crafts timeless home lifestyle solutions, paving the way for Arttd’inox’s success.

Our Design

Each Arttd’inox product blends form and function, designed to make everyday life beautiful while caring for the environment. Our collaborations with acclaimed designers like Suneet Varma, Patrizia Guiotto, and others have brought new life to our collections, combining traditional handcrafting techniques with modern design sensibilities. Our products feature elegant finishes, inviting textures, and nature-inspired motifs, transforming stainless steel into art.


We believe in sustainable, eco-friendly living solutions. Our designs and processes are crafted with care for nature, ensuring none of our products come at the cost of the environment. Arttd’inox is proud to be India’s only home lifestyle brand catering to a diverse audience, from the luxury market to on-the-go millennials. We focus on creating products that are not just trendy but timeless and environmentally conscious.

By merging creative design, luxurious living solutions, artisanal craftsmanship, and climate-friendly practices, Arttd’inox stands as a leader in the design world. We shine a light on India’s manufacturing capabilities, breaking new ground with innovative, high-quality, and sustainable products.

Welcome to Arttd’inox—where art, luxury, and sustainability meet.