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by Fast Bundle

Skyline Tea Soiree

Rs. 15,840.00

SKU : e3c0872c-8b0a-44d8-a859-5c576c5d894c

Shipping in India 2-4 days
International shipping 1-4 weeks

A sophisticated tea experience with a touch of urban flair, perfect for an enjoyable and stylish tea party.

The "Skyline Tea Soiree" is a beautifully designed stainless steel tea set that includes a unique dome-shaped tea pot, a sugar pot, and a milk pot. The set is paired with an elegant Urban Horizon tray center, made from high-quality materials and featuring a sleek and modern design.

This tea set is perfect for hosting small tea parties with friends and family, or for simply enjoying a relaxing cup of tea at home. With its combination of traditional and contemporary elements, the Skyline Tea Soiree is a versatile and eye-catching addition to any kitchen or tea collection. The stainless steel construction ensures durability and long-lasting use, while the unique design of the dome teapot, sugar pot, and milk pot adds a touch of sophistication to your tea experience.

2-year product warranty

30-day returns

100% Recyclable Green Metal

Normal Hand Wash

Healhty and Hygienic

100% Stainless steel