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About Us

Deepika Jindal

Founder’s Message | Way Forward

“Craftsmanship, sustainability and luxury go hand in hand in the context of rich crafts, traditions and the cultural heritage of India. And the only way all these could be synchronised, or rather streamlined, is by understanding the mere fact that the rich Indian heritage still lives in the hands of its craftspersons. As a dream that has now flourished as India’s leading home lifestyle brand, with Arttd’inox, I always strived to promote luxury wonders within stainless steel artistry in the Indian lifestyle space. I wanted to establish a brand that not only spoke out as an entrusted leader in the design lexicon but rather a label that enhanced spaces coupling them with the ease of functionality. Given the level of craftsmanship that our nation boasts off, I wanted to place our true artisans on the forefront of a global panorama, and promote their handcrafted pieces out to the world. In the coming years, I want Arttd’inox to remain as an expression of artisanal home décor solutions that remains perennial for time everlasting.”


As John DeMarco famously said, “Art is a language meant to speak the things that can’t be said.” At Arttd’inox, we believe that art has the power to emote emotions, suggest reflections and lead on powerful thoughts that pave out a way for growth! Likewise, Arttd'inox was also born out of the belief that art is not just a creative expression, but rather a holistic expansion of global decor identities & creative and versatile embellishments that are further enhanced by functionality and high-quality stainless steel. Drifting on a wave of nostalgia of the past with contemporary home lifestyle products that juxtapose traditional elegance with modern whimsy, Arttd’inox, aspires to remain timeless.


Although there’s something so beautifully timeless about a traditional aesthetic, there’s no rulebook when it comes to modern décors’ design silhouettes, and that’s what makes it so inspiring. Prompted by an eye for details, an eager dream that brought forth an ignited passion, and a creative milieu — Arttd’inox, resonates with the timeless ‘Art in Stainless Steel’. The entire concept of the brand has been transformed into pieces of abstract art while art is increasingly used and adapted to define and help modify the space to add elegance, chutzpah and style to the end – product.


Whilst at play Arttd’inox may wander towards modern intricacies, at heart we tend to remain intact with our traditional modus operandi. With the perception of highlighting the fine detail, craftsmanship and artisanship in all our products, we make sure to give the true “karigar” his due diligence. As we stand tall to abide by the “Make in India” movement, we leave no stone unturned to revive, uplift, elevate and promote our artisans and their “karigari” on the global forefront; which in the end would lead our nation to its pivotal juncture.


Incepted as the brainchild of Mrs. Deepika Jindal, Arttd’inox, forays into the realm of marrying fine design sensibilities with classic home décor solutions. A part of the JSL Lifestyle brand, an absolute subsidiary of JSHL, dedicated towards finished products of stainless steel catering to the Indian and international markets, Arttd’inox plans to make a difference.


Blessed with an innate sense of aesthetics, Kolkata's Loretian, Mrs.Deepika Jindal was prompted to bring forth her visionary perception via the fascinating vista of stainless steel. She has been inspired by the vast applications of stainless steel in the international domain, and ever since had visions of introducing its diversity within the country. Pioneering the art of crafting timeless home lifestyle possibilities by coaxing and shaping stainless steel dreams, a venture that strut past the road of success was born.


While the genesis of the brand aspired to bring in the expertise, state-of the-art quality and an international standard made available to the Indian audience, each product under Arttd’inox blends in form and function, expressing love for the environment and making your everyday beautiful. By creating a symphony of design as repetitive rhythmic repetitions of elements, motifs and shapes that result in covetable compositions much like that of contemporary musical notes played together, with Arttd’inox we too were propelled to transform stainless steel into pieces of art.

With an aim to offer the finest and choicest product designs that are revolutionizing the Indian premium home and lifestyle landscape, we seek to marry sophisticated sensibility with just as much success as rustic modern luxury. Over the years we have collaborated with acclaimed Indian designers, such as — Suneet Varma, Patrizia Guiotto, Sahil & Sarthak, Swati Gakkher, Vallabh Rastogi, Chan Wai Lim, Subir Hati, and Nidhi Kalra, all of whom have aspired to breathe in a new lease of life to create indulgent home décor solutions. With offerings that speak of the allure of the past and the sensibilities of the present, we make sure to take forward the classic handcrafting techniques of our artisans such as — Engraving, Chitai, Casting & Hammering onto the global frontier. With gleaming finishes or brush stroke textures that look so inviting, and products with sinuous curves, motifs, and carved appliques initiating nature's soft silhouettes for a warm home, we delve deep into a delightful and immersive aspirational quotient.


When care towards nature and premium décor solutions are intermingled, the result is often an expression of extraordinary elegance. As the world increasingly wakes up to the reality that there is no “Planet-B”, sustainable and ecologically sound living solutions become of prime importance. With sustainability at the heart of our design rationale. None of our products come at the cost of the environment. Our processes, materials, designs and end-approach are an expression of love for
“Mère Nature”. Thoughtful and intuitive, Arttd’inox is proudly the country’s only home lifestyle label which caters to audiences, ranging from the crème da la crème to the on-the-go millennials. The brand further extended its segments onto kitchens and home-ware solutions, as it eschewed trends, and instead focussed upon designing products consciously and instinctively.

Merging in the metaphors of creative design sensibilities, luxurious living solutions, artisanal craftsmanship and climate-friendly practices we give rise to a stainless steel savant that proclaims its rightful place on the global frontier. Keeping in mind the aspect of being “Vocal for Local,” we aim at shining light on Indian capabilities of sharp manufacturing to the world. As a goliath of the design world, we at Arttd’inox, continue to break a new ground rule in the ever-evolving marketplace, with awe-inspiring living solutions, functional yet visionary products, while walking on the fine line between innovation, quality and sustainability.